You're work is so rad! I

Thank you dude! You’re seriously killing it with the sports and portrait work. Can’t wait to see where you go with it :) 

a little late on the response but the anon from the other day makes no sense at all. your the nicest dude I've ever met and your pictures have given me the confidence to go out and start shooting bands for myself. keep doing what your doing :)

Dude that’s awesome! I’m wicked glad to hear it!

I shoot bands not only for my enjoyment/getting published but also for guys (or gals) like you who go to shows and want to remember the day through images. I’m sure you’ll go on to do the same! Keep it positive :) 

How long did it take for you to learn photoshop?

Honestly? Not long at all. 

Though it helps to take the two semesters worth of photoshop at NESoP (The photography school I just graduated from in Boston), the majority of the things that I learned can be learned through youtube tutorials. It just takes a LOT of practice and experimentation. The majority of tools in photoshop can be self-taught through a simple “What does this do?” type thing. Just dive in and see what you can do! 

I suggest starting with Phlearn. They have great tutorials and a TON of realistic editing sessions, along with a ton of more stuff on their website. 

Good luck! 

seriously just put your camera down. you dont deserve your gear

Haha you’re right. Gonna go throw my gear into a river and bury myself. 

When are you gonna realize how lame of a photographer you are?

Hahaha okay peace out guy