1. Spent an entire day yesterday hanging out with American Idol finalists Siobhan Magnus and John Stevens and photographed their performance at the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom in Boston with the Beantown Jazz Orchestra.

    It was easily the coolest day of shooting that I’ve had in a looong time and it was awesome spending it with such cool people. 

  2. Let me make your bands poster. Here’s one I made for The Contortionist. HIt me up

  3. Last night’s mixed-genre set was very solid. Hung with dudes, listened to cool bands and took some pics. 

  4. New shots from the Boston State House! 

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  5. deafheaven// The Royale, Boston MA
    February 23rd, 2014 

  6. Took this moments before their set last night at the Royale


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  7. The Confrontation // Weymouth Knights of Columbus
    February 22nd, 2014


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  8. Rat Trap // Weymouth Knights of Columbus
    February 22nd, 2014


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  9. mrssamanthasnape asked: Da fuq I wasn't following you!!? Sorry <3


    just kidding it’s all good :) 


  10. one-two-whatsinthestew:

    Downloading this EP is an extremely important mission for all of you. Jamies an Orphan weymouthxhatexcrew

  11. "Winter Pallets"

    No. 4, 5


  12. mackhennz asked: All of your work is truly spot on... I can't even. So good! True art.

    Thanks so much dude! You’re stuff is truly killer as well. The shots you’ve gotten with the new camera gear are out of this world. Keep on keepin on  man! :) 

  13. domainphotog:

    "Winter Pallets"
    No. 3

  14. Natural Pallets: Winter

  15. (Source: domainphotog, via domainphotog)